How did it all begin?

Established 2012.

Hi, my name is Greg and I am the face behind the brand.

Model Railway Emporium ironically formed as my interest in model railways began to dwindle. A decision was made to sell my model railway collection that had sat unloved for a year or so.

Little did I know what the next 10+ years would have in store! 

I sold my personal collection individually but soon caught the bug of buying, selling and discovering models I had not had the privilege of owning before. Upon realising the second hand market was heavily driven by supply and demand, this curiosity regained a deep rooted interest in model railways once again.

In the coming days and weeks following, I bought a handful of items from toy fairs across West Yorkshire with a view to selling them on as a weekend hobby whilst studying at Sixth Form. Whilst studying at University and working part time jobs, this rinse/repeat process of buying & selling has organically developed Model Railway Emporium into a recognised brand, predominantly on eBay.

Now with over 50,000 items sold in this time span, I like to pride myself on such a mammoth achievement to have built a brand and reputation based on outstanding customer service. I try to strike a balance between quality stock and premium service, offering fast shipping solutions and a vast range of stock at all times. 

In 10+ years, I have bought thousands of items across the length and breadth of the UK and have lost count of the number of vans I have hired to collect stock. Hopefully, now is the time to bring something new with Model Railway Emporium's dedicated preowned website, encasing the brand and continuing to offer a phenomenal range of products at great prices!